Research and Development

Product Development

Sanlida has always followed the market and customer-oriented. After years of accumulated experiences, we concluded the mature and highly efficient project management process. We are fully aware of project management is equally as important as production. The success of product development depends on the project management. The detailed production plan will be drawn up and monitored by our project manager, who shall submit regular weekly reports to individual customer. We ensure our customers' project can be followed up efficiently, on-time delivery & quality assurance and get succeed. Customer-oriented is the core value of OEM business. The customer is not only receiving our high quality product, but also precious value, which could be reflected in quality, timing, design, engineering, manufacturing and cost control.


Product Development Flow Chart

Innovation Design Ability

Product design is to change some kind of inspiration, ideas and concepts into a product of creative activity, which is the key to win the market, Product innovation is the fundamental source of enterprise's survival and development.From its very beginning, Sanlida has realized this point and has been focusing on product innnovation. Our R&D dept is a professional team with 15 engineers who all are top talents imported from famous SDA factories. We invested more than 30% of profit every year on product innovation and advanced equipments. We take market demand and continuous innovation as guidance for new product development to maintain international competitiveness and grow stronger. We recommend to customers the best product design, distinctive design to meet customer desire to break the shackles of mediocrity, lead to achieve success. Our very strong design and innovation ability has attracted many international famous brands establishing long-term stable cooperation relationships with our company.