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Soda Maker


Making soda water.

easy operation, make fresh soda water with just a pressing of a button.

Energy efficient , powered by CO2 cylinder, each cylinder carbonates up to 60L of water

Powered by CO2 cylinders , no electricity or batteries required.

1 Liter reusable carbonating PET bottle ,BPA-free.

Use standard CO2 cylinder, compatible with all standard CO2 gas cylinders

Get creative ,drink healthier , and have fun with this machine.
Product Details
● The working pressure of the gas pipeline system can be monitored through the pressure gauge, which is safe, reliable and clear at a glance. When the CO2 gas cylinder is empty, it can be prompted by the pressure gauge.

● Double safety pressure relief device:

When the air pressure is higher than 8kg/cm2, the pressure is automatically released to ensure the safety of the machine during work and avoid hurting the user. At the same time, it is equipped with a pressure gauge to indicate the current pipeline pressure.

● Manual pressure relief function:
 When the work is completed, there is still some residual pressure in the gas pipeline. At this time, there is a risk in opening the water bottle. However, our product can avoid this risk through the manual pressure button + pressure gauge display (0 Bar) to ensure the safety of users.


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