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Multi-function stand mixer ● 6 +0 speeds with pulse function
● Low noise level, 72-78dB within 1M
● Vibration absorption design, no displacement during operation


Product Introduction


Pure copper motor wire
5.5L/6.2L SUS304 bowl, 1.5L glass jar 
Meat grinder function 
6 +0 speeds with pulse function 
LED indicator light 
Injection ABS housing body 
Standard accessories: die-cast beater, die-cast dough hook, egg whisk

Full metal gears + ball bearing + belt structure 
Low noise level, 72-78dB within 1M 
Vibration absorption design, no displacement during operation 
Optimum dough mixture: 600g flour +320g water 
Suggested dough mixture: 1000g flour + 530g water
Max dough mixture: 1700g flour +900g water 
Product warranty: 4 years
Life test: 1000 cycles for dough kneading, 3000 cycles for egg whisk 
Drop test standard: 1.0~1.3M (one corner, three edges & six sides) 
Cheap version SM-1518BMS:1300W powerful motor with 4.5L stainless steel bowl, 10+0 speeds with pulse function 3 years warranty

AC 220-240V~50/60HZ, 1400/1500W(CE) 
AC 220-240V~50/60HZ, 1100W(CB)
AC 120V~60HZ, 660W (ETL)

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